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Version 2K18.6. | (21st June 2018)

Customizing Rental/Lease Contracts on your own

We know you’re an adventurous self explorer and that’s why we’ve given you the tools and options to design your Lease agreement yourself, just the way you’d like it!

Batch Invoices – Printing/Mailing

Tired of printing out invoices one at a time? We’ve got you covered wherein with this new feature you’d be able to create batch invoices of your choice and print them along with the tenant mailing label. 

Multiple Units Rental

Finally, It’s been a long wait and we’ve had much requests from you CLIENTS over this one. Now you have the option to choose multiple units during a single move-in, hope this brings happiness to you. 

Unit-based Gate access code

That’s right, individual default gate codes for each unit; this comes in real handy to operators who use few default gate codes for their tenants.

We’ve made improvements

Printed date and Paid date – you’d be able to see them both in your reports

Rent reminder – Now view both late-fee and balances for future events

SEARCH now by both first and Last Name

Daily Payment Report – Now export for a Date range and not just a Day

We thrive in delivering what we’ve promised to you and what’s best for the storage world, a step a day towards perfection; we’re nearly there!


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