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Version 2K18.8.1 | (6th August 2018)

Customization of Documents

We’ve noticed that you’ve always wanted to re-frame the default Invoices and Receipts in the software to something you’re already using at the facility. We heard you and now YOU have the option to change them to your liking! 

Multiple Units: Move-Out

Since we just recently gave you the option to perform multiple move-ins, we realized it’s high time you had the option to also move-out a tenant from multiple units at once.


We’ve made improvements

  • You now have the option to upload Security Deposits in Bulk to multiple units at one shot!

  • You can now setup unique services that could be defaulted to a move-in or an Invoice. No more worries about keeping a track of those additional charges when a tenant rents online.

  • We’re human – we make mistakes; we just improved the way you could undo your move-outs. No more restrictions to 5 days, we’ve realized you might recollect things even after 10 days.

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