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Version 2K18.9.1 | (4th September 2018)


Use Multiple location addresses in your documents

That’s right we realized it’s high time we give you the option to use location based addresses over your documents wherever needed. Now each of your Receipts/Invoices/Leases shall contain their exact addresses.

We’re sure this would be of much ease to all our clients with multiple locations!

Bug Fixes

Special Character / Cyrillic Alphabet Restrictions:

In addition to our last release/fix on Special Character issue we have now optimized the search fields with much more accuracy to fetch just the data you search for.

Pre-Payment restrictions 

Having put much thought into this vs the number of support issues that were raised, we’ve concluded in restricting to make advance payments whilst there is an unpaid Invoice. So now you’d pay the Unpaid Invoices and any left over’s to be calculated as credit. We hope this brings a much better way to make payments!

Displaying Logo in the Documents

The minor bug in the switching ON/OFF the logo has been fixed now.

Off the Record

You might be wondering on why our recent releases have been vague with minimal new features, well let me spill the beans on this one; We realized that you needed a better and stable accounting functionality with 6Storage so you don’t second doubt the numbers.

We’re happy to say, that we are doing just that; changing the phase of calculations and transaction to just the way you’d like them – Simple and Clear!

Wait a little more as we believe this is the change that you seek….

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