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Version 2K18.10.1 (7th October 2018)

Release Notes 


Print Reminder Mails 

You heard that just right, over the past few months we’ve noticed immense love from you towards our newest feature to automatically send email reminders. We had thought to ourselves on what would you do for those who do not have an email? Well that thought paved way for a new option now where you could print these emails created. - 

Paying Multiple Invoices from Customer Portal 

We equally focus in delivering better features to your tenants too, in helping them have a great experience in choosing to rent with you and your storage. Now tenants will have the option to choose multiple unpaid Invoices of the same unit at once and make a payment against them.

Move-In with Excess payments 

We’ve been allowing all sorts of partial payments to happen, Things just got a way lot better as we are now allowing you to pay more than the chargeable invoice total. So the system now automatically calculates the remaining excess paid money to be set as Credit/Advance in their account. 

Reservation Receipts 

Each time after a successful reservation you’d now get both an Invoice and Receipt towards the payment! 

Our road-map to something new for you real soon!

  • Choose to Prorate or not for your rentals, you can now collect rents in full.
  • Track detailed activity of the emails you send to your tenants, if they’ve received them or even more opened them with the time.
  • We’re enhancing the way you manage your email communication with your tenants, new features that allow you to drop notices or reminders to all your tenants, active tenants and tenants of choice

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