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Version 2K18.10.2 (31st October 2018)

New Features

Email Activity

Earlier to track the email activity the user needs a login into their unique SendGrid tool, now to make it ease 6Stoarge have discovered email activity report. Now you can view your sent email status, delivered status and seen status in 6Storage application itself.

Move-in Mandatory Fields

Move-in mandatory fields, now the user has control to choose the fields which need to be mandatory on admin & customer portal make the move-in process simple.

Email Manager

Communicating a common note, an announcement and seasonal greetings to all tenants is now achievable in 6Storage. Send emails and notify the tenant by simply composing or creating a new custom template within the software and select the desired tenants and send.

Configure Gate Access Hours

Configure tenant storage gate access time settings in 6Storage for PTI Security Systems in our application.

Invoice Roll Back

We come up with an option called roll back, what is rolled back?
If you are voiding the recently generated invoice and regenerating the invoice again the old invoice number will be on the regenerated invoice.

Suspend Enhancement

You can now over-lock your overdue tenant on the centralized lease page and also you can grant them on the same page.

Customer Portal Rent with TAX

In the customer portal the unit rents are displayed without inclusive of tax by default, Now you can show the rent inclusive of TAX.

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