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Version 2K18.12.1 (07th December 2018)

New Features

Brain Tree Payment Gateway Integration

We've partnered with yet another Payment gateway to help you best with your Online Transactions, this time it's one of the most secure and reliable payment method these days; designed to simplify the payment process for any online store.

Additional Charges

Need to charge more to your customers due to some reason, From now on we are providing additional charges on the centralized lease page, You can add an additional amount to your tenants.

Credit Note

Are you trying to create a credit note for cancelled invoice, Please don't worry, we have implemented this feature for you, oh yes, Now you can cancel the invoices and you can create a credit note for the cancelled one.

Single License Agreement

Earlier you did multiple move in we are providing license agreement for each unit as separate instead of providing multiple license agreement we have implemented a single license agreement which has all the selected units, price etc.

Round off

Are you trying to round off your customer rent value? Don't worry we brought the round off feature for you, Now you can enter round off value.


All Invoices

Trying to find an Invoice? or even more have a look at all the invoices generated for the month be it for the rent, merchandise, security deposit or any other? We've now got a new search field that allows you to populate "All Invoices" generated over a period of your choice.

Auto Invoice customization
Found an option to streamline the Invoice Generator for a tenant specific, Earlier we don't have this option now we have launched a feature to tun on tun off auto invoice based on tenant specific. You can find this feature in Tenants page.

Merchandise Profit
We have implemented Turn off or On profit calculation in merchandise, So you can skip the profit  calculation and buying price.

Vacancy Report

The vacant report was displayed in a table with all the sizes, now we have split into different unit sizes so that you can see easily in which size how many vacant units available.

Email Manager Enhancement

In email manager from now on you can choose the templates in which category it should be, you can also rearrange the templates in your own way.

TAX Report

We have implemented the tax report in two ways invoice tax & payment tax now you can choose the desired tax report.

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