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Version 2K18.12.2 (18th December 2018)


1. Additional charges

Unwanted text has been removed from the centralized lease page grid from now on you will get the text what you have typed in the additional charges.

2. Email manager

Earlier we don't have an option to send the email based on location right now we have implemented.

3. Site map - Delete Unit

We don't have an option to delete a unit from the site map but now we have implemented delete option from the site map

4. Tax Id edit/ Add option:

If you moved in with the tax id you can't find an option to edit the tax id after move in done to rectify it, an edit option is added to the centralized lease page in edit option.

5. Email Activity

We are providing the email activity status in words to make it user friendly we have added the icons for email activities.

6. Simplified Generate next invoice for merged units:

Previously we did not have an option to generate next invoice for merged units in the centralized lease page but we gave an to generate next invoice for merged unit

7. Search field

Search field has been improved in a better way.

8. e-Sign

We have done some upgrades for e-Sign.

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