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Version 2K18.12.3 (31st December 2018)


- You’d now be able to customize documents even for the payment type “Standing Order”.

- We’ve disabled the need for an email during a merchandise sale, figured it was a hindrance to many.

- Last time we gave you the option to create and add “Additional charges” to a lease, we took it up a notch and you’d now be able to choose multiple charges at the same time and apply them against the lease.

- We've improvised more filter options in your "Email Manager", You'd now be able to filter between just "Paid Invoices" & "Merchandise Sales Invoices".

Bug Fixes:

- Resubmitting signatures through the link would also reflect and change in the lease accordingly now.

- Now when a tenant vacates a unit of a single lease agreement and you ask for their signature again, The new signature gets replaced with the old one.

New year's Eve is around the corner, wishing you and your loved ones a great start for 2019!

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