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6Storage Update: version 2k19.1 (29th January 2019)

What's New

Mr. Delivery

It is the mobile assistant. 6Storage has integrated with Twilio. Now you can send text notifications to your tenants


Centralized Lease Page Enhancement

UI changes have been improved. And you can view the email status of sent receipts/invoices easily.

Click on Lease on the left sidebar menu. Then click on the Lease data to view the Tenant and Lease information. Below the page, you will find the invoice preview. Place the cursor under the email status/preview column and you can view the email status of invoices easily.

Search Option For Reports Enhancement

A universal search bar option has been added.

Transfer A Tenant Enhancement

Using the transfer option, you can transfer a tenant to a new unit, including the rent payment, payment for services applicable etc. from the previous unit. How to transfer a tenant?

Scheduled Move Out Enhancement

Added Scheduled Move Out option under Move In page. Previously you could schedule a move out from Lease page. Now the option is also available during Move In process. If not enabled, go to Account Settings > Required Fields > click on Schedule Move Out checkbox.

Schedule Move-Out Reminder Enhancement

Schedule Move-Out reminder has been added. Now you can send reminders to your tenants before and after Schedule Move Out, Payment Due Date and after Move Out Date. Email and SMS reminders can be added.

Click Notifications from left sidebar menu > Rent Reminder > Add Events. Then you’ll be able to create reminders.

Reservation Auto Search Enhancement 

The tenants you reserve units in the Add Leads section will be automatically displayed in the drop- down list of Move In process. Under Move-In page, click the Reservation checkbox and select the respective tenants to move in.

Credit Card Amount Preview Enhancement

The invoice amount is displayed when you use credit card payment. This makes it easier to view the invoice amount as you enter the credit card details.

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