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6Storage Update: version 2k19.3.1 (06 March 2019)

What's New

Customer Portal Design

Customize your tenant portal login and find storage page to your liking! Learn more.

Manage Credit Cards 

This feature lets you add multiple credit cards to your tenants. Learn more.


Invoice & Move-In Date Edit Enhancement

Tenant invoice & Move-in dates can now be edited on Move-In and Leases page. This simple option is useful to set invoice dates as required. Learn more.

Print Batch Invoice

We have implemented a new option to download Batch Invoices as PDF or XLSX or XLS. Learn more.

Back To Lease Button

The new Back To Lease button redirects you to the centralized Lease page. The button is red in color. This feature is useful when you make tenant payments via Site Map. Learn more.

Centralized Lease Page – Ul Improvement

With the UI improvement, the centralized Lease page displays the multiple leases held by the tenant. Learn more.

Insurance and Services Enhancement

We have added a new option to pause services during the rental period. Learn more.

And an option to add/resume insurance plan for tenants during the rental period. Learn more.

Edit/Delete Comment Enhancement

With this enhancement, comments you enter anywhere on 6Storage platform can be edited or deleted i.e., Leads page, Move-In page etc. Learn More.

Move Out UI Improvements

The Move-Out page has been modified and the move-out details are laid out in an easy to read format. Learn More.

Coming Soon

6Security - Gate Access 

Quickbooks Integration


Merged Leases Enhancements

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