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Upcoming! Refreshed 6Storage Application UI

We’re completely redesigning the User Interface of the entire 6Storage application. This is because of the suggestions from some users who find the application complicated with many options scattered all over the dashboard and lag in performance.

The new UI is aimed to display & load only the needed info thereby reducing page loading time. New features include Task List, Notifications and Intelligent Sitemap.

Look at the (under development- draft version) pictures below and share your thoughts/feedback.

Move In Page

Sales Page (will be updated)

Reports Page (will be updated)

Centralized Lease Page (to view tenants and leases data)

Settings Page

Move Out (will be updated)

Units Page

Share your feedback/suggestions in the comment section below.

The design elements will be further improved/re-worked upon release.

Would you like to continue with the existing UI or use the new UI?

Hi there,

Very interesting to see the changes.Again the key items we have report so far are having all prices shown by weekly charges, prices shown on the site map to be weekly as well, and the issue with the site map size to be full screen not a box in the middle of the screen.


When are these changes taking place?

As Mike Pothoven has asked, when are these changes coming please?

Hi Paul and Mike,

Am super excited that you've shown interest in our new UI. 

Hope you're impressed with our New UI, which will be even more user-friendly and customized to cater to your storage management needs. 

We'll be launching the new UI pretty soon as per our product roadmap in the last week of April

Thanks much for your valued response. Stay tuned with us for the new UI launching announcement.

Hi support team.

Any news on the new UI?

You promised to launch it at the end of April.

Quarantine mess up your plans?

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