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6Storage Update: version 2k19.11 (22 November 2019)


Option to Send Welcome Email 

On the centralized lease page, you now have the option to send welcome email if needed, manually.

Past Due on Sales Receipt

Among the other customization available, you can include past due (with custom headers) on the receipt.

Create User Roles with Permissions & Functions

4 user roles are available. Restrict and grant to daily operations, admin setup and other.

Email Lease Statement

Whenever you're looking at a tenant's lease profile and you want to send the lease statement - we have got it.

Additionally, 1) you can create header labels on invoice. And 2) you can view detailed payment info on the ledger.

Bug Fixes

Issues with auto invoice fixed

Issues with overdue date fixed.

Issues with merged leases fixed. 

Issues with language translation fixed.

Issues withunit dimension report fixed.

Issues with Notification templates fixed.

Payment issues and unit listing in customer portal fixed.

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