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6Storage Update: version 2k20.02 (04 March 2020)

New features:

Noke Gate Access

With this new Bluetooth enabled gate access system, forget keypads and lock the unit with an electronic lock, all from your mobile. Integrate Noke with 6Storage


Show autopay status on admin portal

We’ve added autopay status column on tenants page. Now you can filter the tenant database and find the list of tenants for autopay function. You can choose (from the column chooser) to show auto invoice status, autopay status and gate access code. Learn more

Lease page- save column settings 

Any changes you make on the lease page column settings (like rearranging etc.) will be saved the next time you open the lease page.

Move in & move out report 

The move in & move out report will also display the total no of occupied days, and the total no of active leases in your facility. Learn more

Send emails to scheduled moved out tenants will display the scheduled moved out tenants category, so you could send emails to those tenants.


We have improved performance

Promotional discounts- choose end date

We’ve added an option to enable/disable discount end date, should you decide to promote a discount based on a specific time period.

Bug fixes

Fixed issues on invoice ledger, on centralized lease page fixed

Fixed issues on sitemap unit popup

Fixed issues on amount mismatch on invoices/payments page

Fixed issues on duplicate unit values on customer portal

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