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6Storage Data Deletion Policy

This policy outlines the deletion process of customer’s data upon downgrade/termination/cancellation of accounts in the 6Storage products mentioned below.

Note: this policy does not apply to 1) data that resides in any 6Storage product which is not mentioned in this policy 2) data that stores in third party applications like SMS, email channels, payment gateways etc. 3) data that stores in 6Storage product which is in beta, staging, demo accounts.

6Storage Management Software

Tenants data: The deletion process will be initiated automatically after deleting from the system. The deleted tenants data will be archived and available in “Settings > Archived Data”. The permanent deletion process will be commenced automatically after 30 days of archived process.

Lease Agreements, Personal Identify proof documents, Images and other documents will be moved to “Archived Documents”. It remains available for 30 days for recover process. The automatic deletion process will start after 30 days.

6Security Access Codes

Access codes cannot be deleted until admin initiates “Tenants Deletion” process from 6Storage admin portal. All the security codes will be deleted along with tenants data after 30 days of deletion process commencement.

Websites built by 6Storage

Websites built and hosted in 6Storage servers will be deleted along with SSL certificates. The deletion process will start after 10 days of downgrade/cancellation initiated by the customer.

Unless stated

90 days after you have downgraded or terminated any of the products mentioned in the policy, the data will be deleted automatically.

365 days after your trial has ended for one of the mentioned products, then the data will be automatically deleted. The deletion process occurs in accordance as mentioned above, in each of the products.

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