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6Storage update: version 2k20.05 (27 Aug 2020)

We have fixed issues on report section and have made a few improvements, primarily on unit, financial and management reports. Most of the reports now have a separate column to represent rent, tax and total.

Unit reports

Units on Notice report

We have Implemented date/month search filter and “Delayed days” to show the number of days the tenant is not followed up after the Move out. Now the tenant details will be displayed in one column as grouped.

Move in and Move out report

Issues fixed on move out, scheduled move out details. Now you can see the move in date, move out and scheduled move out separate header columns and the information will be fetched based on Move in date, Move out date and scheduled move out date.

Building Usage report

The new graph will show the total count of the units. It will display the status of the units in detail with the number of units occupied, vacant units, repaired & maintained units, and units used by facility.

                                                                Image 1: Old representation

                                                               Image 2: Updated graph

Price List report

Newly implemented to show size and price-based grouping grid in the top of the report in order to give an idea about the count of units sorted based on size and height . Secondly, to display rent, tax and total in separate columns.

 Unit Availability report

We have implemented a short summary text on unit type, measurement, price, and available units in the top as a grid.

Rent, tax and total amount will be shown in separate columns.

Financial reports

Accrual reports

No changes expect that rent, tax and total will be shown in separate columns.

Aged receivable reports 

Under move out column, you can now see schedule move out and the date.

Deposit reports

Fixed issues on showing refundable amount details.

And we have implemented separate columns to view the report details clearly.

                                                                            Image 01 (Old)

                                                                        Image 02 (New)

Written off reports

We have implemented advanced search option to search for any of your data in the reports

Walk through reports

No changes expect that rent, tax and total will be shown in separate columns.

Management reports

Notification status report:

Under notification status report, the “delivered on” section will now display delivered date and time.

                                                             Image 01 (Old UI)

                                                         Image 02 (new UI)

Insurance reports

1. Insurance Roll report

This report gives a detailed split up of each tenant and the insurance premium paid for a specific period.

Note: if the tenant has paid 2 cycles of the insurance premium then each of the cycles will be displayed as a separate row on this report, hence the total revenue is captured.

2. Insurance Report

The report gives a clear idea about the total number of lease in the 6storage account particular months in different years and also shows the split up of the insured, uninsured lease and the revenue got from these leases.

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