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Install the 6Storage WordPress Plugin onto your website!

Here are the steps to install the 6Storage plugin onto your WordPress Website:

1. Login to your WordPress website back office (wp-admin)

2. From the side navigation menu, click on Plugins >> Add New

3. To add plugin, you can simply search for 6Storage and click Install Now.

4. When the plugin is installed, click on Activate

5. Click 6Storage on side navigation menu.

6. Choose your region as either US Live or EU Live accordingly.

7. Enter your login email id and click the Request Access button. Now, the request will be sent to the given email address, to accept which you need to head over to your 6Storage account.

Steps to do in 6Storage Account:

1. Click Settings >> Integration

Scroll to the bottom and click on Plugin/API

Enable the toggle button in the Action column

Great! You have successfully installed the 6Storage plugin onto your WordPress website.

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