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6Storage Update: Version V2 2k21.2(12 March 2021)

We have made a few improvements, primarily on the following:

1. Custom Reservation Fee:  The reservation fee is by default takes as a monthly rental amount, in 6Storage V2 we can add/ collect custom reservation fee.  More Info

2. Reservation to Move in : You can now convert the reservation lead to potential tenants in just a few clicks. 

3. Upload multiple Identification documents during move in More Info

4. Differentiate between Credit card/ Debit Card terminal Payment that you record on 6Storage More Info

5. Change in late fee settings: There was a restriction in the late days that you can set on 6Storage which is now over come. You can now set any number of late days up to 365 days. 

6. Edit invoice created date & payment recorded date More Info 

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