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6Storage Update VersionV2 2k21.3(16 March,2021)

We have made a few improvements, primarily on the following:

Tenant's Lease  Page Bug Fixes & Enhancements: 

1. When we send an invoice no data was sent.
2. Duplication of unit number on the schedule move out popup was fixed.
3. Redirecting to tenants page after receipt voided.
4. Disabled the Round off but it was showing in future and custom invoice. 
5. Date picker issues while creating custom invoices.
6. Receipt hyperlink showing error in transaction history was fixed. 

Move in
1. Click on Preview document {} symbol was showing up during Move in.
2. Discount in invoice and receipt show wrong value.
3. After move-in ,click on sent email ,then lease agreement should be sent to the tenant as attachment.
4. Vehicle details added during move in was not showing on tenant's page.
5. Move in >>field settings >>merchandise is given as mandatory>>While move in time After adding merchandise then unable to do move in. 

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