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6Storage Update VersionV2 2k21.7.2 (24 July,2021)

Every month, we at  6Storage do our best to introduce new features to make our self storage management software more comprehensive and useful, and this month is no different. This is our second update this month.  These features are solely aimed at making self storage management simpler so you can focus on crafting strategic initiatives that help your organization and its tenants thrive. Here's a list of all the major features and enhancements introduced in 6Storage  during July

New Feature   

  • Daily Closure Report: This feature displays a list of collected payment from different sources originally generated between the last closure till current time. You can type in the payment amount that you have actually received and 6Storage would help you find the difference between the actual amount and the recorded, refunded amount. You can also find details of the invoice for which a payment was recorded. Each time you close your day; a batch report is created for future reference.

  • Enhanced invoice details on the stripe console on every transaction: On every transaction that happens on 6Storage - Stripe platform, we will be displaying the invoice # in the description field on the Stripe console. This helps our clients with more details on the transactions.

  • 6Storage Mobile Compatibility: Mobile devices have slowly taken over and it’s made it easier for everyone to access information, regardless of location. Before the inception of mobile devices, it made more sense for enterprises to consider the desktop approach. However, now the reverse is the case. The reason? It’s fast and easy. People on mobile devices are far more finicky than those on desktops. Now make move in's , move out's, transfer's, record payments on 6Strorage from your mobile phone. 

  • Location Based Gate Access System: One of their first questions that is asked by a Self Storage Operator is setting up a gate which can be intimidating, and selecting the right access control system is crucial to the safety and security of your facility. So where to begin? Let’s work through the process of selecting a gate access system from start to finish.

    Bob is a self storage operator who is running 2 facilities. He would like to operate the Asland Road business on SC Solutions and Crestine facility with Noke gate access system. 

  • Storage Category "ALL" filtering option: Manage all your different storage business on the same screen, filter all of them in just a few clicks. You will now be able to filter out all the storage categories.

  • Remove unit based discounts : As we all know that discounts decreases a facility's revenue, it should be best handled like a flu shot, short and quick. Offer your tenants the discount all up front. If you have to, give them the second month free, and then it goes back up to full price. The facility owners are always thinking of the self storage's current worth, even if they aren't planning to sell. Keep in mind that for every dollar discounted on a monthly basis, the business looses approximately $150 of worth. As for your existing customers, don't make any apologies, if you have not increased their rents in a while, and they complain, maybe try the following.

  • Swedbank Payment Gateway Integration :  Accept e-banking and card online payments on your website. Accept e-banking payments from customers of Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, Šiaulių, Medicinos and Citadele banks also accept Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and Visa Electron online payments all by using 6Storage. 

  • P24 Tenant Portal: Now tenant's moving in through online portal can also use P24 to rent unit or to pay for their unpaid invoices.   

Enhancements & Bug Fixes: 

  • Invoice number customization bug fixes :  Here is the list of issues that we have fixed in the invoice customization feature:
    • Displaying a Sample Invoice Number In which makes it easy for operators to understand how their invoice # would look like
    • Removal of tenant id from Merchandise Product sale Preview Invoice Showing Tenant Id
    • Other invoice number bug fixes in the product sale grid.
    • Show the invoice # with editing the payment date of the invoice.

  • Sitemap Bug fixes: Here are the list of bug that we have fixed on the sitemap
    • We have now added the status of the unit in the sitemap popup
    • Enhancements in the sitemap search bar
    • We have also added the move in date field to the sitemap popup

  • New State Column for lease history report : We have now added a new state column on the lease history report which helps you in finding out the tenant's state.  

  • New Tax id Column in Tax report:  As we are talking about the taxes that the tenant have paid, we have added the tax id to this report. 

  • Notify admin on each online reservation: 6Storage will be notifying the self storage operator on each online reservation by sending an email. This will help the operator to each out to his new lead and get many more details. 

  • Change the units in maintenance to show up for online booking: The units with the status repaired, maintenance, facility use etc.  will be offline and will not be showed for online rentals. If you try to change such units to show for online renting then the status of the unit will be changes automatically to vacant. 


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