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6Storage Update VersionV2 2k21.8.1 (14 August,2021)

Every month, we at  6Storage do our best to introduce new features to make our self storage management software more comprehensive and useful, and this month is no different. This is our second update this month.  These features are solely aimed at making self storage management simpler so you can focus on crafting strategic initiatives that help your organization and its tenants thrive. Here's a list of all the major features and enhancements introduced in 6Storage during August

 New Feature 

  •  Compare your economic & physical Occupancy: Physical occupancy tells us how many units are occupied while economic occupancy tells you how much you have earned.

  • SMS payment gateway: Tenants can now use their saved card to make payments through 6Storage

  • Lead Enhancement - Never miss a single lead: If a tenant signup but does not book a unit you will find the tenant on the lead list on 6Storage. Get to know more on when a lead was added onto 6Storage

  • Enable Online rentals for maintenance units: Do you find it difficult to change maintenance units to show online? We made it easy. If you choose to show “maintenance unit” online, the unit will be displayed as vacant for tenants to rent it out.

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