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6Storage Update Version 2k21.10.1 (6th October,2021)

Every month, we at  6Storage do our best to introduce new features to make our self storage management software more comprehensive and useful, and this month is no different. These features are solely aimed at making self storage management simpler so you can focus on crafting strategic initiatives that help your organization and its tenants thrive. Here's a list of all the major features and enhancements introduced in 6Storage during October.

Feature & Enhancements

  1. Finnish language translation on Admin Portal: 

6Storage values the growth of rental self-storage facilities in Finland as the total size  grew from around 130,000 square meters in 2016 to around 159,000 square meters in 2021. 6Storage Compatible in Finish Language. 

  1. Dynamic text Translation: 

Websites are at the heart of any modern marketing strategy, and Localization of your website will provide you with a guaranteed result. Language is the key element in driving sales and marketing efforts and 6Storage help you to translate dynamic contents such as discount plan names, services name etc. 


  1. Print the date and time on the exported reports: 

Get to know when your staff printed out the report from 6Storage . 



  1. Occupied Tenant name in the unit lease history: 

Get to know the complete occupancy history on each of your  storage units along with the move in and move out date on 6Storage. Know More


  1. Edit Unit description : 

Forget the difficulty to remember the unit descriptions entered previously in your storage. 6Storage helps you remember them and edit them in a few steps. 


  1. World Pay with V2

Make tenant online Payment quick & easy with a world class fraud prevention with UK's #1 Payment Provide -- World Pay now on 6Storage V2  


7. Automatic payment with Rapyd Payment Gateway: 

Make tenant online Payment quick & easy with a world class fraud prevention with Rapyd now on 6Storage V2 

8. Make tenant pay later but move in today: Would you like your tenants to move-in today and pay later? Then 6storage has an option to do this Know More

9. Turned off Purchase of Service during online move in but would like to show the default services of the unit. Know More

10. Get Notified each time your have a new lead , reserve units online. Know More

Other Enhancements:

1. Differentiate the moved out and active tenant on your 6Storage account.

2. Know exactly when your text messages were sent to you tenant on your 6Storage account. 

3. Add any credit adjustment on your tenant lease on an email template is much easier  now on 6Storage. 

4. Search business users with their Companies name on the 6Storage master search: Know More

5. Get to know the % of occupied, vacant unit on your 6Storage dashboard. 

6. 6Storage dashboard widget to show ALL data irrespective of any filter. 

7. Export reports with Arabic content from your 6Storage account. 

8. Tax report to pull data only when you have taxes configured on your 6Storage account. 



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