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6Storage Update Version 2k21.11.1 (16th November,2021)

Every month, we at  6Storage do our best to introduce new features to make our self storage management software more comprehensive and useful, and this month is no different. These features are solely aimed at making self storage management simpler so you can focus on crafting strategic initiatives that help your organization and its tenants thrive. Here's a list of all the major features and enhancements introduced in 6Storage during November. 

New Features & Enhancements: 

  • Now with 6Storage Gate access control system open API you will be able to integrate with any of the access control system. 

  • With 6Security & 6Storage your tenants can now share their units with their friend and family

  • Let your tenants to buy insurance any time from the website. Technically its DYI feature for tenants from your website. REST APIs are available if you are using 6Storage APIs for your booking portal. Know more

  • No more time zone restrictions. Apply late fees to your overdue tenants based on your time zone. Know more

  • Display your business bank details on the reservation receipt

  • Your frequent task "Getting unpaid invoices/tenants". Now its available from Dashboard. Know more

  • Additional filters on the tenant portal for tenants to narrow down their searches.

    Bug Fixes: 

    • During the move in the overlapping of service name has been fixed. 

    • Design Improvements on the unit availability report and printed date to display on the daily payment report.

    • Choose your column on the daily payment report. 

    • Improvements to the export functionality on the future revenue report.

    • Removed the mandatory notes when you create a custom invoice on 6Storage. 

    • Narrow down your searches on 6Storage with the master search feature.

    • Find the business users on the master search. We have now changed the representation for business users as Business name(Tenant name).

    • When you’re changing the billing cycle of a tenant having a unit-based discounts  the discount were applied on the further billing bug has been fixed. 

    • Disabling the Welcome email during the move in, but it was being sent to the tenant has been fixed. 

    • Find the total sum  of each of the columns on 6Storage report.

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