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6Storage Update Version 2K22.3.0

March is a month of notable events. March has Women’s Day, Pi Day (Math lovers will be happy about it), Saint Patrick’s Day, and more. Yet, we are excited to add one more to this- Our new release 2K22.3.0 that contains new features and critical bug fixes that we have recently come across. Read further to know what we have got in store with the new release:

New Features:

Print sitemaps

Printing sitemaps so far has been a headache for storage operators owing to various reasons. Most of them used to manually build their facility structure in excel sheets and some create their maps in AutoCAD with the help of their civil engineers and then take it for print (Read more)

Reasons for move-out

Getting to know the reasons that caused the tenants’ move-out would provide storage owners a better understanding on the needs and expectations of their tenants. It would also help them make better choices in organizing the requirements and amenities for their facility and pull even more tenants into the business (Read more)

Twilio two-way message notifications

The two-way SMS capabilities are designed for one-on-one communication with tenants which can be tracked in the admin profile. While admins can send/receive texts from tenants, this new feature helps admins receive notification on the receipt of each message, in addition to an autogenerated email on the unread messages. (Read more) 


As a storage operator, it could probably be an overload for you to guide customers well enough to choose the unit of required size. To solve this, 6Storage introduced 6Reckoner, a calculator that graphically represents the storage unit true to its dimensions, allows you to choose the goods and virtually shows you how you can fittingly keep your goods inside the unit. Now, we have made 6Reckoner software available in 10 languages. Your customers can virtually explore your units themselves and have a clear idea on their wants.


  • Fixed the issue of lease agreement disappearing while preview the Move-in documents.
  • The tenant portal field setting has been hidden from the Admin portal, however, the settings can be accessed from the WordPress 6Storage settings.
  • Fixed the misspelling on ‘Reminder.’
  • Text corrections from ‘Recurring’ to ‘Reoccurring’ is done.
  • Text changes from ‘Lease History’ to ‘Rent Roll’ is done.
  • Text on the toggle button in CLP page has been changed from ‘Rent Reminder’ to ‘Remind your tenant.’
  • Fixed the date format issue in the ‘next charge date’ column.
  • Management Summary Report is set to be generated within one page whereas previously it took two pages.
  • Fixed the error of incorrect time displayed in the CLP page.
  • Added an info icon for the ‘Add Payment link’ field as to provide more clarity on the required details.
  • Varying logo size in email templates has been fixed.
  • The Daily Payment report exports without column heads when exported to Excel and causes the formatting to be incorrect. This issue has been fixed.
  • Text corrections from ‘Insurance Report’ to ‘Insurance Activity’ is done.
  • Tax Id can be disabled from reflecting in the Sales invoice and Move-out receipt
  • Added the field ‘Business Google Plus Link’ to the social media links section so that tenants can write reviews.
  • Fixed the issue of old invoice template appearing instead of new template when generating invoice.
  • After move-in, ‘Remind your tenants’ has been enabled by default for all tenants.
  • Fixed the issue of sent SMS showing ‘queued’ status.
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect data in Management Summary Report.
  • Issues with uploading photo on tenant’s profile has been fixed.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of tenants’ name during move-in process.
  • Changed 'QuickBooks' logo to 'QuickBooks Online' at the Integration page.
  • When the customer adds units then the scheduler will automatically charge for the number of units added to their respective billing period in proration basis
  • Customized text messages shall be sent to leads who show interest on storage units
  • Fixed the issue of tenant name not appearing in the daily payment report.
  • Text duplication on amenities description has been fixed.
  • Insurance Premium Tax has been excluded in the Invoice Receipt. (Only for US)
  • Fixed the issue of language change in bill preference tab during payment process.
  • Issues with alignment and text overlapping in lease agreement are fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of Policy number duplicated in the phone number field at Insurance section.
  • Fixed the issues with fields binding.
  • Fixed the issue of military field not reflecting on reports.
  • While selecting units in bulk to add amenities, units were not selected properly. This issue has been fixed.
  • Incorrect insertion of admin signature during move-in has been fixed.
  • Issues in calculating late fees with regards to different due date has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of unit online description displaying unit notes in the ‘Operations’ tab.

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