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6Storage Update Version 2K22.3.1

Please welcome a fresh update for 6Storage V2 (2K22.3.1). This release brings a number of bug fixes and improvements that smoothen the user experience. Please check the full list of the Release Notes for more details.


  • For each move-in from tenant’s portal, notifications are enabled for move-in approval request which Admins can approve or reject (Read more)
  • Multiple integrations can be enabled for security gates at various locations (only 6Security in this release).
  • Integrating Webhooks with 6Storage offers lightweight data sharing capabilities between the software and third-party applications. It helps to track down the transactions, activities and operations within the software that are performed in bulk or individual.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Enhanced animation to expand/collapse the side navigation menu, equipped with a master search bar and mobile friendly UI design.
  • When future move-in date is given during a move-in, until the given date, the gate access will not work (only 6Security in this release).
  • Added a search filter to find facilities by Cities.
  • Sizes of units will be displayed at the facility listing page.
  • While displaying reports on email activities, jumping to pages was limited so far. Now, pagination is implemented so that you can jump to any page with comfort.
  • Fixed the issue of Admin signature macros incorrectly reflecting in the email template.
  • Fixed backend issues on access revoke, grant, and panel configuration.
  • Fixed the issues while adding amenities to multiple units at once.
  • Based on different time zones, incorrect time was displayed on the Lease information page. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issues with fields binding.
  • Added a button to export Unit lock history report to PDF format.
  • Fixed the issue of unable to select all the listed units from the Operations tab.
  • Fixed the issues with footer alignment in the rental agreement.
  • Fixed the issues with displaying SMS notifications.
  • Varying logo size in email templates has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issues with fields binding.
  • For Twilio message validation, the format for mobile number has been restricted with eliminating special characters for the accounts integrated with Twilio.
  • Fixed the issue of military field not reflecting on reports.
  • Fixed the issues with displaying leases in pagination.
  • Updated Units’ size and dimension in square units.
  • Fixes the issues with applying late fees.
  • Incorrect display of tenant’s address has been fixed.
  • Updated the column for Unit size besides Unit Number and Unit type in the reports for Move-in and Move-out.
  • Fixed the issues with images not reflecting in the Merchandise-Addon page.
  • Deleted tenant details were still displayed on the tenants’ details page, which has been fixed.
  • Details displayed in the sitemaps were not in sync with the details in ‘Operations’.
  • Fixed the issues with prefix addition in the XML invoice.
  • Invoice based discount newly added were not reflecting in the ledger, which has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issues with displaying the size of the unit and remarks on the unit page.
  • Fixed the issues with the dropdown to select storage type and location in the documents section.
  • Issues with downloading invoices in Create batch has been fixed.
  • Issues with adding advance in the Lease information page.
  • Fixed the issue of voided leases reflecting in the Unit lock history report.
  • Card details were shown in the tenant autopay report, even after deleting the card information. This has been fixed.

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