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6Storage Update 2K22.4.0

We are constantly working on performance enhancements to improve your experience. This patch release includes a few fixes and improvements that help your day get better with our software. Here’s the summary of the changes:

  • Fixed the issues with loading search results in the Product sale page.
  • Hopefully, discount plan won’t get permanently deleted anymore when you make it inactive.
  • Rectified the errors in limiting the discount percentage.
  • During move-in, applying discounts for all billing cycle had been troublesome. Now, it works well.
  • Functional errors during password reset are fixed.
  • Fixed the operational errors in the reports from the accounting software.
  • Inaccuracies in updating payments are fixed.
  • Fixed the issues with non-binding of macros when special characters are included in the radio buttons.
  • Fetching incorrect data while exporting reports is fixed.
  • Error in displaying the deleted lead source/lead category is fixed.
  • Fixed issues while adding different taxes to a location.
  • Alignment inaccuracies in reports are fixed.
  • Issues with dropdown while performing bulk actions are fixed.
  • Fixed non-loading of lease information after move-out.
  • Fixed issues in binding the fields for SSN and phone number in the lease information page.
  • Incorrect display of tenant’s address in the lease statement is rectified.
  • While exporting reports, the master checkbox for selecting all entries didn’t work as it should. We’ve fixed it.
  • Included a new field ‘Online Unit Description’ to the unit page in Sitemaps.
  • Text changes from ‘Unit notes’ to ‘Manager’s Comments’
  • We have made sure the comments added to the unit in Sitemaps will reflect in both the Units tab as well as the lease information page.

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