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6Storage Update 2K22.5.1

Please welcome a fresh update for 6Storage V2 (2K22.5.1). This release fixes a few bugs and brings a number of improvements that smoothen the user experience. Please check the full list of the Release Notes for more details.

What’s New

  • Migration from the existing name-based URL ( to the common URL ( accompanied by Two-factor authentication. One of the best ways to protect your account is to have extra form of verification, and that’s exactly why we have enabled Two-factor authentication (Know more)
  • Now, you can edit documents such as insurance and lease agreements in the new editor with fewer efforts possible. Unlike the existing one which converts the uploaded document into an HTML editor, the new editor will keep the alignments from the source document (.docx) in word format and helps you make the document look better.  (Know more) 


  • Two swords cannot fit into one sheath. Likewise, two discounts should not be applied to one unit. So, we have added a checkbox and a note that helps you prevent one discount from being applied if another discount is already applied. (Read more)
  • When sending reminder emails to tenants, you can now also keep a copy to Admins as well. Head over to Automation > Remind your tenants and enable the toggle button to use this option. (Read more)
  • We have enabled Activity Log for 6Security that captures activities such as configuration and unit upload along with configuration keys.
  • While adding a new service, you can decide whether to display the newly added service during online move-in process or not, by enabling/disabling the checkbox Display in online Move-in.
  • The ability to see and differentiate colors is not common in Animal Kingdom. Unlike a few animals and birds, humans possess good potential to see different colors. It appears that seeing colors is a sense that makes us feel human. So, in an attempt to make you feel more human, we have applied colors to the widgets on the dashboard. We hope you’ll like it. Let us know if we should add more colors in future.
  • Previously while purchasing a product in merchandise, you had to click the Add & Minus buttons accordingly to enter the quantity. We feel it was a bit time consuming so now you can directly enter the quantity in numbers and check out the items from your cart.
  • If you are using Stripe payment gateway to make payments, you will see the payment form with a simple UI on the payment page from now.


  • Fixed the issues with binding macros since inaccurate dates reflected while sending rent reminders.
  • In Preferences, if Unit Gate Access Code is disabled, it should not appear on the Unit details page or anywhere else. However, in Sitemaps, there have been exceptions that Unit Gate Access Code was displayed even as it was disabled. Yes, it was a bug but not anymore!
  • If you try to fetch the Future Revenue report, it would load and display the header but would show no data. We understand how disappointing it feels, so we have fixed it.
  • Fixed: Binding macros was a bit out of the hand- some macros were not cooperative as there were issues with the macros for checkboxes, radio buttons, and email templates.

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