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6Storage Update 2K22.6.1

As always, our continuous efforts on internal workings for performance improvements have brought forth this release 2K22.6.1– it repairs a few bugs and solidifies your convenience in using the software. We hope you'll have an easier and productive time with our application and a great weekend! :)

What’s New

  • Adding a new facility to your account is now simplified- as you enter your address details, the related fields such as Country, City, State, and Zip code will be auto-filled. Accordingly, the fields for latitude and longitude will fill themselves by calculating the distance.
  • We have included a few new fields to the Area occupancy report which should help you get more insights. Or at least you get more statistics.
  • Previously, exporting reports meant you had to click on the icon for the specific file format out of different formats such as PDF, XLSX, and XLS. Now we have replaced all the icons with a dropdown in which the desired file format can be chosen to export.
  • For certain reports that are often exported to PDF and Excel, we have reformatted the alignments to make them more readable.
  • On receiving push notifications, we have opened the door for all types of user roles. Meaning, push notifications will be active for all kinds of user roles in an account.

Bug fixes

  • We have refined a few rough edges with the word editor and hopefully, it will keep you up with a smoother experience while editing documents.
  • Sometimes things that are supposed to be in certain way wouldn’t be the same all the time. Perhaps the search bar on the email activity report page was one of such kind. As you type in, you could see suggestions but if you hit search, it shows no results. A mysterious bug but we’ve fixed it.
  • If you had noticed, the amenities assigned to units were duplicated in the Operations tab. Now, we can say the problem is solved.
  • On the lease information page, the dropdown for discount plans stopped showing any plans. Bugs are too illusory these days, but we always find a way to fix them all.
  • Did you feel like life has been dull and slow lately? That’s probably because some of the reports took too long to load, some fetched data which may be inaccurate. Now that we’ve fixed it, all the reports will load at once, and you should feel life is better.

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