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6Storage Update 2K22.6.2

Developing performance enhancements to improve your experience and make the 6Storage software more user-friendly is our constant goal. In this release, we include a few fixes and improvements that help you stay on top of your day.

  • Including a QR code on invoices, specifically for Arab clients (applicable & customizable for all regions), would fetch details like seller name, VAT registration number, time stamp, and taxation information when scanned.
  • Enhanced animation for the expand/collapse of the side navigation menu.
  • We have ensured that email triggers are working well so that your customers won’t miss any of your emails.
  • When choosing discount plans from the dropdown, it refused to show any plans. But don’t worry, we had a deal with the bugs, now it should work fine.
  • We could suggest you play some music while login takes longer time than usual. However, we wanted to make sure it works quickly while we have also fine-tuned all the icons to appear briskly.
  • If two units were overlocked and grant request is sent for one of the units, access was granted for both the units, unwittingly. On a positive note, it WAS a bug.
  • We found that some of the reports were buggified, well, only if such word really exists. Lately, it was a bit challenging to avoid fetching incorrect data on reports but now we have fixed them all.
  • There were a few little bugs that caused inaccuracies in updating payments in different payment methods as well as the rental amount in the invoices. Hopefully, those bugs won’t appear anymore.
  • While adding reservation, the page would show an error. If you hadn’t noticed it earlier, you can’t notice now. Because we have fixed it.
  • Fixed: Issues with non-binding of macros when special characters are included in checkboxes and radio buttons.

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