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6Storage Update 2K22.7.1

Duality exists in everything. From the Sun and Moon, Water and Fire, Good and Bad, to Features and Bugs. Contrary to common beliefs, bugs are genuinely essential elements that help us improve our software a lot more than we think. In this 2K22.7.1 update, we have cleared a few bugs and improved some areas which would enhance your user experience to a new level.

  • Do you remember there’s something as Current Possible Rent and Future Possible Rent in the Area Occupancy Report? For a crisp understanding of the report, we have fused together those statistics on a comparative note in percentile.
  • If you’re worried about migrating your documents while upgrading from V1 to V2, relax, we have automated that process. You will have all your documents even after upgrading the software to V2.
  • Clicking the invoice number on the ledger will display the full invoice in a pop-up. We thought this small improvement could ease things a bit for you.
  • How often do you check your dashboard? If you do regularly, you could have noticed the inaccuracies in the revenue amount widget when discounts were applied. Hopefully, that bug is no more to be seen around.
  • We recall telling you about the bugs with the reports last time, however, a couple of bugs remained hidden behind the reports. We found those bugs and fixed them all. Now, you can confidently look at the reports.
  • Sometimes the search bar on the tenants’ page would disobey and fetch results appropriately. We can’t allow that happening so we fixed it.
  • When new notification arrives, clicking the bell icon from the dashboard mysteriously refused to show any notifications. Anyway, we have solved the mystery so now you can view the notifications from anywhere.

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