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6Storage Update 2K22.8.1

Our developers have constant curiosity in squashing bugs while they build and test new features. In this release, we can say that a few bugs have been squeezed beneath Reports, Sitemaps and a few other sections for stability and performance. Check out the fixes and improvements we have added to the latest version:

  • Introducing ACH one-time payments for easiest single transactions. This payment method would not save the card details or make recurring payments. (Know more)
  • Insurance roll report will have an extra filter Mode of Report to pull the records in reliance on Invoice period and Payments received. These perspectives should help you analyze better, hopefully. (Know more)
  • Now, your tenants can also view and download documents related to their leases such as lease agreements and insurance documents in the Tenant portal dashboard. (Know more)
  • Integration with Stor-Guard, a Gate access control system that keeps your facility safe and secure. (Know more)
  • Unfortunate things can happen anytime, but life is still beautiful and colorful. Like when your browser cannot connect to the internet, you will see a colorful error page. Sorry, that’s the best we could do.
  • Seeing different colors helps human brain work better. So, we have revamped the dashboard with more colors. True, we are a bit obsessed with colors at the moment, but your dashboard will also have simpler widgets that indicate numbers and metrics. (Know more)
  • Move-out reasons can now be manually added if you enable the checkbox in Settings >> Documents >> Invoice Receipt.
  • The export buttons for reports in different formats such as PDF, XSLX and XSL are now replaced with a dropdown under which the desired file format can be chosen to export.
  • There had been exiguous scope for tenants to read the Terms & Conditions before they signed the Move-out receipt. Now, we have given a hyperlink in the document to read them as they sign it.
  • A simple misunderstanding with the Past due report, the data fetched was not exactly in accordance with the period of selection. We know you wouldn’t prefer inaccuracy in reports, so we fixed that.
  • From showing only the number of vacant units in the Price list report, we have included more columns likely Vacant, Occupied, and Unavailable units in the report. The Merchandise Inventory report will also have a new column Selling price alongside purchase price.
  • Notification emails are useful but not when there’s no need to notify anything. Hence, we have enabled a checkbox in Preferences to choose whether invoices and receipts are to be sent to autopay tenants.
  • While checking reports, you can jump from any page to any other without having to pass through each page in numerical sequence. The page selector at both the top and bottom of the reports is all for your command.
  • When scheduled move-out date expires, all the gates will be automatically locked-out. You can enable this option in Settings >> Preferences >> Other >> Scheduled Move-out
  • The Logout button has got two new neighbors: What’s new & Help Center. As you click the profile icon at the top right of the page, you can find these two options accessible from anywhere in the software.

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