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6Storage Update 2K22.9.1

Stay on top of the updates with 6Storage and keep things simple at work. We have updated the software to the latest version 2K22.9.1 with a few implementations and bug fixes. Here’s the full version of the release notes for you:

  • It is never easy to deal with delinquent tenants even though levying late fee could be impactful. To make it more effective, you can now automate gate lockout and overlock functionalities and keep your accounts intact. (Read more)
  • Integrating Stripe Terminals, using which you can integrate Stripe payments into your existing in-person checkout flow or build in-person payments. (Read more)
  • 6Storage login page will show a pop-up that notifies you on new software update with a link that redirects you to the full release notes. If that’s how you have arrived at this page, we would be so glad.
  • Enabling autopay function default and mandatory for your tenants on the Tenant Portal to ensure payments on time and zero delinquency. Control this setting from the Admin Portal Settings Preferences Other.
  • Dormakaba & Digibox integrations —Dormakaba provides smart & secure main-gate access control solutions that enable multiple unit access with one tenant-specific code. It can be configured with Digibox, a sub-lock primarily used for storing the keys of containers and garages. 
  • For each payment gateway, its supported countries list is hyperlinked with the logo. Check this at Automation  Payments
  • As you click the notification bell, you can see a new tab ‘Task list’ in the notification panel. 
  • Incorporating MADA cards for secure payments via HyperPay payment gateway (applicable only for Saudi region). 
  • Trying to fetch the Past due report for the period of last 14 days has been challenging lately. Challenges are the charms of life, right? Especially when they are all bugs that you could fix! 
  • If you’re someone who often checks the Credit card widget on the Dashboard, this might concern you—the widget was malfunctioning recently! But don’t worry, we’ve got it fixed. 
  • Good things take time! But we are sure that it doesn’t apply when the Batch printing report takes long time to load. So, we have fixed it. 
  • Plug-ins are true multi-taskers running multiple things at once. But it would also mean that they could slow down the page taking more than 12 seconds to load. But we can’t waste your time, can we? So, we tried to eliminate the wait time and reduced the loading time to less than 3 seconds. 
  • During a move-in, approving e-signature would sometimes happen to be a not-so-good-experience. We don’t intend to upset any of our users, so we endeavoured to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

We have untied a few more fixes and performance improvements with the latest patch release 6Storage Update 2K22.9.2

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