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6Storage Update 2K22.11.1

In this release, we bring additional improvements and have expelled a small range of bugs while we are on our way to some major updates.

  • Integration with LockT, a Gate access control system with advanced technology that keeps your facility controls simplified. (Know more)
  • Activating webhooks is now a cake walk as we have restructured the whole process with simple steps. (Know more)
  • Your notification bell icon will be busier since you’ll get notifications on each website plug-in activation/deactivation.
  • It is now easier to search Merchandise invoice/receipt & Reservation receipt from the dashboard using the master search bar.
  • Insurance roll report will have an extra column ‘Insurance credits’, assuming the added stats will help you with more insights, hopefully.
  • We have added the ability to the Action button in Sitemaps to customize the layout and colours of the units.
  • Missing notice! Notification templates and identification documents often went missing after migrating from V1 to V2. But just not anymore since we rectified the bugs behind the screen.
  • You may have noticed that you couldn't add/remove amenities in bulk previously. We now work in multiple areas like operations, reservation, move-in, and tenants can choose which units they want with amenities.

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