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6Storage Update 2K22.12.0

Did you miss us? We hope you did since our last update was weeks ago. We express our gratitude for both bearing with us and for continuing to expect more of us. Our end-of-the-year gift to all our users is an update with fixes, performance improvements, a smoother user experience, and our warmest wishes for the new year 2023. Please take a look at the latest updates:

  • We are glad to announce that we have implemented the MADA card payments using Hyperpay for Saudi Arabia region.
  • An additional excitement to the German region users who have configured with Dormakaba gate access control system, the Emergency key option will be enabled by default during the rental process.
  • We have implemented the remove overlock feature an instant one, if the delinquent tenant pays the amount, the remove overlock notification will be triggered spontaneously to the storage operator.


  • When you try to fetch the Credit Card Payment report, you would happen to see this text on the screen: ‘No data to display’. Sorry about that. Now, you can get the report with actual statistics.
  • When transferring between units, the balance amount was not tallied. We investigated the case and found that a few creepy bugs were the culprits. Now they were sentenced to exile.
  • We fixed a thing or two troublesome with Sitemaps — Duplication of notes & Disappearing of a few units.
  • A malfunction occurred that, even if the Access Card Number was not enabled to be mandatorily displayed during move-in, it was displayed as mandatory. We understand that privacy is a concern for everyone, for you, your tenants, as well as our developers. Hence, we fixed that up.
  • Fixed: Documents uploaded from Online portal were not seen around in the Admin portal.
  • Lately, it was a bit challenging with the Management Summary Report since it could not fetch accurate data but now it works as it should.
  • When a user role is deleted and a new one is created with the same email address but with a different name, only the former name is displayed. Some bugs are astonishingly stubborn, but we have our way of squishing bugs!
  • Ever seen ants march in a never-ending line forth and back, like they’re in a rush? It may seem they don’t do anything else than marching, but truth is, they carry stuff weighing 10 times their own weight, always working towards building a better home themselves. That’s the story of 6Storage and this patch release.

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