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As Aristotle said, “Well begun is half done” and 6Storage begins the year 2023 with our first update that comes with ground-breaking features and performance enhancements. Read the full release notes for more info:

  • In a constantly changing economy, all the businesses are bound to adjust their prices. 6Storage launches Rate Manager, an exclusive app to automate the price changes for units. Create and manage rules to schedule and apply the price changes. (Learn more)
  • Do you follow up with calls and emails when your tenants don’t pay on time? Instead, you can take full control of a systematic approach with the newly enhanced Late-Lien Fee Schedule (formerly Late Fee) to levy fees for delinquent payments. (Learn more)
  • Integrating with Square, one of the most widely used payment platforms having around 24 million users worldwide. (Learn more)
  • Ideally, when an invoice is paid, the amount paid will be distributed among each line item quoted in the invoice. Now, you can modify the payment distribution order by arranging the order of the line items as per your preferences. (Learn more)

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