Thank you and welcome to 6Storage!

Follow these instructions to set up your account on 6Storage.

First, click on Sign Up button on the top right corner of 6Storage homepage.

Enter your Name and other details and click Create My Account Now. The Business Name will be automatically set as the domain URL in the system.

You will be directed to a signup confirmation page.

Check your email inbox for the email from 6Storage. If you cannot find the email on inbox, check the Spam folder. The email contains your login details (Username and Password)

In the email, click the button “Log in to your new account” and enter the given user credentials in the email.

Once you log in, you will see the storage facility setup page. There are 5 Tabs where you need to enter information:

Account Information

Facility Setup

Unit Setup

Unit Upload

Lease Upload

Note: The Account Information can only be provided during the setup process. This means, you can only 1) set the system timezone once 2) set the unit of measurement and unit size.

Under Account Information, enter the Phone Number and select your desired Unit of Measurement from (Feet, Meter, Centimeter) and to display Unit Size as (Size, Square Feet, Cubic Size, Cubic Feet). Then set the System Time Zone. Click the toggle to enable multiple tax if it’s required.

Click Next>

Under Facility Setup, enter your Facility Name, the TAX applicable and the Building Name. Click on Add another building/Add another facility if you need to add more than one facility/building.

Click Next>

Under Unit Setup, enter the Unit Type, Unit Measurements and Unit Price.

Check the unit price inclusive of tax checkbox to add tax amount to all the unit prices.

Check the Unit Price checkbox if all the Units of the above Unit Size have same price. 

Note: if you’ve enabled multiple tax, you cannot enable unit price inclusive of tax to all the unit prices.

Click Save.

To add multiple unit types, enter the Unit Type, measurements and click Save.

Below you can preview the entered unit values. You cannot edit but you can remove the unit data column if needed.

Click Next>

Under Unit Upload, there are two options: Manual Upload and Spreadsheet Upload. 

To upload manually, select the facility and building. Then enter the values as per needed

Enter the number of units on Starts From and Ends On column. For example, if you have a total of 57 small units where 25 units are priced at $35 and 32 units are priced at $20, then enter 1 on Starts From, 25 on Ends on column with the Unit Price $35 and Save. Then create another entry with unit numbers 26-57 and enter the Unit Price $20 and Save.

Spreadsheet Upload is useful for bulk unit upload. Click on Spreadsheet Upload, download the Download Units Template. Update the data and upload it.

Note: if you’ve enabled unit price incl. of tax, upload the sheet with unit price incl. of tax.

Click Save and then click Next>

Finally, under Lease Upload, you can update the tenant info.

Use search option to search for specific units.

Click on the Unit # and enter the Tenant and Lease Information.

Note: You can also upload lease info in a spreadsheet. Click Spreadsheet Upload, download the lease template, enter the details and upload the file.

Note: You can also upload Lease info on admin portal later.

Click Finish> 

A pop window opens. Click Yes to finish the setup.

Once done, you can move to dashboard and take a look at the SiteMap.

To resume uploading units and lease after the setup process, click Setup icon on the top menu of 6Storage dashboard.