For all businesses, leads and the lead source are necessary for greater revenue and higher profits.

To know and track the top performing medium in which your leads are befalling on, 6Storage has an option leads.

Navigate to the main menu where you have the option to choose the Leads and then click on Add lead from the drop down to add a new lead.

You will then be redirected to the Add lead window 

Select the Location, Building and the unit of your choice. Then you will have to enter the lead details like Name, Phone number, Source, desired move in date  etc.

If you want to add a lead of an existing tenant , please enter the first few letter of the existing tenants name and choose the name from the drop down list. 

You can then see that the details will be auto filled and all you need to do is , click on the Submit to Add lead  button and your lead would be added successfully.

Then you will get a confirmation for the lead added


You can then send the mail and a text message  for the reservation.