First, click Leases icon on the left sidebar menu of 6Storage dashboard

On the leases data, you’ll find grids of information. Click on any tenant name that you wish to edit details. You can also refine your search results by using the search option above.

Then you’ll be redirected to the centralized lease page where you can perform various actions, from generating new invoice to move out and edit lease data.

Click More tab and select Edit.

Here, you can edit your tenant and move in information, vehicle information and alternative details and payment details.

On Tenant Information, you can update the basic tenant info such as address, email, phone etc.

Under Move In Information, you can update the Invoice Period and Rental Rate Incl. Tax. Click the checkbox to Send Invoice. You can update all the info of your tenant’s vehicle.


Under Alternative Details, you can add emergency contact details. Enter the name and other details and click Add. Also, fill in the security question if needed.

You can update the Payment Type under Payment Details. Once you have edited all the changes, click Update Changes.