Choose "Leases" from the List menu on the left.


You will find the lease page with grids of information about all leases.


Just click on the lease you wish to know more about.


This redirects you to the main lease page for that particular tenant.

Taking the below example we could see that the tenant still owes $74.70, lets proceed in giving him a discount.

Click on the "More" button from the top list and then click on "Apply Discount" button.

This then redirects you to a page where you will be able to apply a discount to any chosen invoice.

Simply choose the invoice you wish to apply a discount for

Under the Invoice Discount field, Simply type in the desired amount you wish to offer as a discount


You will automatically see the discount value appear in the breakdown of the invoice

Drop in a note under the comments field for you to keep a track on why you availed that discount


Finally hit on the "Save" button

Back at the main lease page you will find the discount applied and reflected on the quick lies view tab