First, click Leases icon on the left sidebar menu of 6Storage dashboard.

You’ll be redirected to the leases page. Here, a grid of tenant information is displayed. You can either use the search function above to search for a particular tenant or filter the list to find your tenant . To search using the tenant name, simply select the search by option as “Tenant Name” and enter the tenant name in the search keyword. Then click Search

If you want to filter the list by Active Lease or Moved Out, select the required option on Filter By option.

To search the lease data by date, select Move In Date or Move Out Date or Scheduled Moved Out Date.

On the list of tenant details, click the Tenant Name column header to filter the list for the tenant you wish to transfer and click on the name.

You’ll be redirected to the centralized lease page of the tenant. While you’ll find a lot of information here, click More tab and then click Transfer.

You’ll be redirected to the unit transfer page. There are 3 steps to transfer a unit.

First, select the new unit: Location, Building Name and Unit Number. Then enter the Gate Access Code and click Next.

On the 2nd step, choose Prorate On if you like to also transfer the due payment to the new unit. (Due payments include rent payment, deposit, service and insurance amount) Then click Next.

To add multiple tax, click View/Edit Tax and make the required changes.

On the final step, get the tenant eSign done instantly or eSign via email. Finally, choose the Payment Type and click Transfer.

A pop up confirmation opens up. Click Yes to transfer.

Then you will see the transfer confirmation.