While there are few options to move out tenants, this section shows the general move out procedure.

First, click on the Move-Out icon on the left sidebar menu of 6Storage dashboard.

On the move-out page, lease data is displayed on a table list. To quickly move out a particular tenant, use the search function.

To move out the tenant, click on Move-Out corresponding to the tenant.

You will be directed to the main Move-Out page. Here you will find all the necessary details before you initiate move out a tenant.

Make changes if needed, select the payment type and click on Move-Out Now below.

Then click Yes on the pop-up confirmation window.

Finally, you will be directed to the move out confirmation page. Send a notification via email or SMS. Also, move out receipt and payment receipt can be previewed.

Additionally, if you need to refund amount to any of your tenants, a Reversal Invoice will be generated along with Move Out Receipt and Refund Receipt.


Note: if you have accidentally moved out a tenant, press Back To Lease on move out confirmation page. This action takes you back to lease page. Then click on Undo Move-Out.