From the Main menu click on Leases.

Search for a tenant whom you wish to Move out. And click on it. In the lease page of the tenant you will find the button called Move-Out with red colored background at the top of the right corner. Click on it.

You will be directed to the main Move-Out page. Here you will find all the necessary details before you initiate move out a tenant. 


1. Choose the desired move-out date.

2. Enable Prorate if you want to charge or refund any amount to the tenant to calculate the actual charges for the period stayed period. Enable charge on period if required.

3. If tenant has any refunds, you can enter in the below. Also we have new launched a feature where in you can adjust refunds amount like Security Deposit and Prorated rental, Service, Insurance and Merchandise amount to the unpaid balance.

Finally below, You can see the Refund/Amount to Pay.

Hit on Move-Out Now.Then click Yes on the pop-up confirmation window.

Finally, you will be directed to the move out confirmation page. Send a notification via email or SMS. Also, move out receipt and payment receipt can be previewed.

Additionally, if you need to refund amount to any of your tenants, a Reversal Invoice will be generated along with Move Out Receipt and Refund Receipt.

Note: if you have accidentally moved out a tenant, press Back To Lease on move out confirmation page. This action takes you back to lease page. Then click on Undo Move-Out.