First click on the Leases Icon from the left sidebar menu.

A list of tenants is displayed on the table. Make use of the extensive search function as needed.

Click on the tenant that you wish to move out, which opens in a new page. Then, click Move-Out to move out the tenant.

On the move out page, you’ll find Prorate and Refund.

Prorate is the method of collecting or refunding the payment according to the number of days the tenant has occupied the unit.

To adjust the Security Deposit or other Prorated Rental Amount, Service, Insurance and Merchandise, enable “Adjust refund amount with unpaid invoice

The Refundable Amount Inc. Tax column is editable for each unit and the total refund amount is displayed at the bottom.

Then select the Refund Type, Payment Type, Reason for leaving and enter the Reason for Refund. You can add a note for internal purposes.

Once done, click Move Out Now.

You will get a confirmation page with Receipts and Refund Receipt if any.

In the scenario with the tenant, Jeff who has a total due of $10 on move out, the amount adjusted from the move out refund is $13.93