First, click Tenants icon on the left sidebar menu of 6Storage dashboard.

On the next page, use the search function to search for the tenant name. The following search criteria are provided: Active Tenants, All Tenants, Moved Out Tenants, Tenant Name, Email, Contact No and Unit #

Hit Search to list the data.

Once the list populates, you’ll see your tenants grouped under the respective unit building.

On the right, you'll see a toggle to choose your preferred columns. You can view tenant information for autopay status, gate access codes, among others.

On the column header, you can rearrange the data list A-Z / Z-A by clicking on it or filter the list based on your needs. Click on the particular tenant you want to view information.

You’ll be redirected to the tenant index page. Here you will find all the tenant information. There are 4 tabs available: Tenant, Lease, Auto Pay and SMS if you’ve enabled SMS function.

The Tenant tab displays Tenant Information and Lease Identification Details. Click Add Photo to add a photo of the tenant.

The Lease tab displays lease info including option to merge/unmerged leases. Additionally, you can move out the tenant by clicking Move Out button.

Auto Pay tab lets you activate automate payments.

You can edit the basic tenant information if needed: click Edit button on the right. A pop window opens. Once you make changes, click Close. Also click the checkbox if you want to update changes for all the future invoices sent to the tenant.