Click on the Units icon on the left sidebar menu. Select All Units.

Click on the Update Unit Price radio button.

On the data listed below, select the units to update price by clicking on the box in the first column.

Do you want to select units from one particular building or location? Click on the column header and select the required data. You can also categorize units based on the unit condition, unit type etc. This makes it easier to select units.

To update price for multiple units, check on the box in the first column and select multiple units as per needed.

Once selected, enter the amount to update price of those units. You can either enter a Fixed Amount or a Percentage value.

You have options to increase or decrease the new unit price. The Increase radio button increases the price of selected Units by the entered amount, whereas the Decrease radio button decreases the price.

For example, if a Unit Price is $30 and you want the new price to be $50, enter $20 in the amount. 

Need to update rent for active lease? Click on the update rent for active lease checkbox. The current tenants will receive the updated prices in their future invoices.

Then click on UPDATE UNIT PRICE button. Click Yes on the Update Unit Price pop-up.

Now, Unit Price has been updated.