Have you enabled eSignature?

If yes, eSignature option appears on the Move-In page. During tenant Move-In, provide the tenant’s email address and select the Unit. Provide the other necessary details. 

Above the Payment Details, you will find eSignature. Click on the Signature Through Email checkbox.

Upon successful Move-In, the system triggers an email to the respective tenant with the eSignature link.

The tenant opens the email and clicks the link. He’s directed to a page where he can either 1) upload his signature.

or 2) draw his signature.

or 3) select the existing signature.

Tenants can also view the Lease Agreement. Click on the Read Lease Agreement Before Signing.

Note: The eSignature link is valid for one-time submission. Once the signature is submitted, the link disappears.

To approve tenant’s eSignature instantly, click on View Details on the Successful Move-In page.

Then click on Approve eSign tab and approve tenant’s eSignature.

Want to approve tenant’s eSignature later? Click on Leases on the left sidebar menu. Select the tenant. You will be directed to the Tenant Information page. Then click on Approve eSign and approve the signature.

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