Choose "Leases" from the List menu on the left.


You will find the lease page with grids of information about all Leases or based on the search filters.

Just click on the lease you wish to add the advance payment

This redirects you to the main lease page for that particular tenant.

Click on the "Pay Now" button from the top list, This then takes you to the payment page


From the payment page, choose the multiple invoices which you would like to collect the payment, the total amount to be paid will be displayed.

Finally simply choose the desired type of payment from the drop down box below

Choose the payment date, by default it would show today's date

Simply hit on Update payment button at the end


You will get a notification for the payment done successfully


At last you will be redirected to a page that reconfirms the payment and also allows you to download the receipt for that payment or send that receipt across directly to the tenant.

The payment recorded will be displayed in the centralized lease page as shown below.