Choose "Rent Reminder" under "E-Mail Notification category"from the List menu on the left.

You will find the list of reminders configured on your account. Also you will find the "Add reminder" button to add the new event.

On clicking the "Preview / Download" button, it will re-direct you to the "Rent Reminder Report" from there you can able to download the letters for printing.

In the rent reminder report, you will be able to view the list of tenants are scheduled to print/send the reminder letters.

You can select all the tenants or the particular set of tenants whom you wish to print the reminder letters. 

Please click yes in the confirmation pop-up.

Once selected, please click on the "Print reminder Letter" button to download the consolidated reminder letters along with the address labels.

Once downloaded, you will be able to see the "Downloaded Letters" from "Batch Printing report"

You can view the printed batch at any point of time by clicking on the batch number which is a hyperlink to the reminder letter PDF file.