First, click on Reports icon on the left sidebar menu. 

On the reports page, select Rent Reminders under Management Reports. 

Next, on the Rent Reminders Report page, select the Location, Reminder Event Type and Reminder Event. There are 3 categories of Reminder Event Types: Payment Due Date, Move Out Date, Scheduled Move Out Date.

Once selected, click Get Report

On the given list, select the tenants that you want to create rent reminder labels. To select, click on the box in the first column. The list is only populated if you have added reminders. 

Once you have selected the tenants, click Print Reminder Label. A pop-up opens where you can download the labels as PDF format. Click Download to get the labels.

The generated batch labels are recorded on Batch Printing Reports. Click Batch Printing Report to view the batch labels.

Again, the batch labels can be downloaded anytime from Batch Printing Report when needed.