First enable Auto Rent Reminder from Account Settings. Click your profile icon on the top right of 6Storage dashboard and click Account Settings.

Click Preferences Tab and click "Enable Automatic Rent Reminder Email"

Scroll down and click Save 

After you've enabled it, click Notification icon > Automatic Notifications on the left sidebar menu of 6Storage dashboard.

Click Add Event to set a new reminder.

You will be redirected to notifications setup page. Enter the Event Name (reminder name). Select the reminder type from MoveOut Date, Scheduled Move Out Date, Payment Due Date.

Then select the notification template category. Templates are available for Move-Out, Reservation, Merchandise, Paid and for few other features. Finally choose a saved template for email notification (and sms notification if needed). Click Save.

Once saved, the notification created will be added to the event list, as displayed on the notification setup page.

Click Preview/Download to view more details of events (notifications). You’ll be redirected to reports page where a list of lease data corresponding to the event are displayed.

On the data list, you can preview the email / sms template.

Similarly, you can create events for payment due, scheduled move out. Also, you can print rent reminder labels.

To edit a template or modify other changes, click Notifications icon > Notification Templates from the left sidebar menu.