First click Notification Templates from Notification icon on the left sidebar menu of 6Storage dashboard.

On the notifications page, the list of templates is displayed. The column header displays the following: Template Name, Email Category, Modify Template and Show/Hide Template. To enable / disable templates, choose the setting on the Show/Hide Template column.

To create a template, click Create Template. Select the template between email and SMS. Enter a Template Name, Subject and type the content. The left field contains macros which fetch live data from your account. For example: -storagename- or -unitno-

Once done, scroll below to choose the template category. The following categories are available: Admin, Active, Move Out, Merchandise, Overdue, Reservation and Schedule Move Out. You can select multiple categories.

Preview the template if needed and click Save. 

Once saved, the template will be available in the notification templates list. Under the Show/hide template, click Show corresponding to the template you wish to make it available.

All of the default / created notification templates are available in Automatic Notifications and on Mr. Delivery.